Our mission

Don't be fooled! Working in a bullet proof environment is almost impossible today.
New threats are rising every day and a proper approach to improve the security of your assets is a daily job.

To establish a trusted relationship with our customers.

To improve our customers' security posture.

To be your preferred partner for any security related question.

Our Services

Here is an overview of the security consultancy services provided to our customers.
(We do not distribute commercial products or software)

Incident Handling

Manage computer security incidents from the investigation to the remediation.
Got breached or hacked? Contact us

Threat Intelligence

Enrich internal data and log files with threat intelligence feeds in order to better detect security incidents.


Analyze computers to search for evidences of compromization or suspicious activity.

Penetration Testing (Red Team)

Test infrastructures using the same techniques as used by the attackers.

SOC (Blue Team)

Setup and operate Security Operation Centers to monitor your security posture.

Vulnerability Scan

Scan infrastructures for security vulnerabilities and remediation.

Audit / Advices

Review security posture, definition of guidelines for better protection. Advice for secure deployment of your systems and networks.

Malware Analysis

Analysis of suspicious files (executables, Office documents, PDF, ...)